In progress . . . My first book on psychedelic science to be released in late 2022.

In progress . . . First neurophenomenology study on iboga (Covid-19 delayed).

Houot, A. M. (forthcoming article).

Houot, A. M. (forthcoming chapter). In Dune and Philosophy, chapter in edited book. Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series. Manuscript in preparation.

Houot, A. M. (2022, January 25). The psychonaut’s ship: Pairing technologies with psychedelics to augment user agency. Psychedelic Press Quarterly Journal, Issue XXXV. Manuscript in preparation.


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Houot, A. M. (Host). (2021, February). Season 3 – Neuro & Plant Science [Audio podcast season]. Iboganautics. http://iboganautics.buzzsprout.com


Nygård, M. (Host). (2020, December 5). #60 Philosophy, Psychedelics, and Iboga Research with Master A.M. Houot [Audio podcast episode]. In Bevissthetspoden – in search of consciousness.

Houot, A. M. (Host). (2020, August). Season 2 – The Body on Iboga [Audio podcast season]. Iboganautics. http://iboganautics.buzzsprout.com

Houot, A. M. (Host). (2020, February). Season 1 – Iboganautics [Audio podcast season]. Iboganautics. http://iboganautics.buzzsprout.com


Houot, A. M. (2019). Toward a Philosophy of Psychedelic Technology: An Exploration of Fear, Otherness, and Control[Master’s thesis, University of Twente]. Enschede, Netherlands. https://essay.utwente.nl/77339/

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