Season 3 – Neuro & Plant Science

Season 3 – Neuro & Plant Science

In Season 3, Neuro & Plant Science, my aim is to discover how iboga-type alkaloids affect the human brain; neurophysiological and phenomenological overlaps between iboga and other hallucinogens; iboga botany; and ibogaine extraction methods. The main questions guiding this season are: How does iboga affect the brain, Which plant species produce iboga-type alkaloids, and How do scientists extract or “liberate” alkaloids from wood products?

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3.6_Psychedelic Phenomenology or What Is It Like to Be a Psychedelic Plant?_Michael Marder

3.5_Alternative Botanical Sources of Ibogan Alkaloids_Felix Krengel

3.4_TA Extract and HCl Methods and History_Chris Jenks

3.3_Non-ibogaine Iboga Alkaloids_Surajit Sinha

3.2_Ketamine-Iboga Connection – NMDA_Lowan H. Stewart

3.1_Salvia-Iboga Connection – Kappa Opioid_Peter H. Addy

3.0_Neuro & Plant Science


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