Season 2 – The Body on Iboga

Season 2 – The Body on Iboga

In Season 2, The Body on Iboga, my aim is to discover as much as possible about what can happen to someone’s body during an iboga experience. In the following episodes I incorporate my personal iboga experiences, academic literature on the topic, and guests’ expertise for a well-rounded discussion. The main questions guiding this season are: What is happening to my body while on iboga, and, How am I experiencing my body while on iboga?

To listen to Season 2 episodes, click the “Play” button in the podcast player below or search for “Iboganautics” on your favorite podcast directory (e.g. Spotify, Apple, Google; CLICK HERE to see full list). Please hit that “Follow” button to get updates about next season’s episodes. Also, click the highlighted episode titles below to read my afterthoughts and find citations of source material from each episode on my Stream of Consciousness (SOC) blog.

2.8_First Responders as Last Resorts_Art Hsieh

2.7_Tracers, Trails, and Stroboscopic Effects_Andrés Gómez Emilsson

2.6_The Root of Vomiting_Kenneth L. Koch

2.5_Between Sleep Deprived and Wakeful Dreaming_Joaquín González

2.4_Persistent Seeing Is Believing – HPPD_Andrew G. Lee

2.3_Toxicity and The Heart_Tibor M. Brunt

2.2_Build Up for Breakdown_Matt Cooper

2.1_Supervising and Caretaking of Experiencers_Tricia Eastman

2.0_The Body on Iboga


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