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I’m grateful for connecting with so many interesting people since starting and the Iboganautics podcast. If you like the kind of research I’m doing or are curious where it’s heading, showing your support in the following ways means a lot:

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My debut book on psychedelic science will be ready in 2023.

Blessings of the Forest: Iboga sustainability and conservation

Support iboga conservation efforts by donating to Blessings of the Forest charity.I support the charity, Blessings of the Forest (Community Interest Company n° 9816364). But why support iboga conservation efforts? If you didn’t know it already, I’m fascinated by a psychedelic plant called Tabernanthe iboga in the way its alkaloids alter consciousness, and part of my research focuses on the visionary states elicited by them. However, iboga trees are disappearing from the public domain (e.g., public lands) while private iboga farms financially benefit instead of indigenous peoples that have used iboga in religious rituals for hundreds or thousands of years. If iboga(ine) has positively impacted your life, you’re thinking about experiencing it, or you agree with fair trade practices in which locals benefit from iboga production and sales, please donate to Blessings of the Forest. Please CLICK HERE or the BOTF logo to make a difference.

Podcast hosting

Buzzsprout hosting Iboganautics podcast.After much research, I chose Buzzsprout to host my podcast for a number of reasons: (1) Admin Panel is user friendly and intuitive; (2) analytics suit my needs such as knowing per episode listens and from where in the world listeners listen; (3) podcast transcription services are available for when I transcribe all my episodes; (4) customer service reps always respond quickly and want to help me with my goals; and overall (5) they provide a lot of value to customers. All of the above makes me very happy.

Go with these guys and gals when you’re ready to become a podcaster. Simply CLICK HERE or on the Buzzsprout logo, sign up for a paid hosting plan, and then you and I get a $20 gift card to spend on much needed podcast equipment and books for our research.

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Iboga is supposed to be effective at addiction interruption, particularly regarding opioids; for some reason it doesn’t seem to work on my caffeine addiction. Just as cars need gasoline or electricity, some humans, like myself, need copious cups of coffee.

Buy me a coffee and I’ll think of YOU when enjoying that double mocha (light on the whipped cream) during research days in cafés, libraries, or on the road. Cheers!

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