#79 Can iboga reverse damage caused by a vaccine’s toxins?

A gentleman by the name of Mark sent me an email yesterday. With his permission, I shall sum up our conversation and add a bit too. With all the talk about corona virus and vaccines, Mark wondered about the “weird push” for vaccines and people having neurophysiological complications tied to said vaccines (note: no mentioned source at present for this claim). He worries about vaccinations being forced upon people, especially for international travel, and would public health and safety officials think parents are endangering their children if either parent or child or both didn’t get the vaccine, leading him to ask: “What do you think about Iboga and its ability to reverse the damage caused by the toxins injected into the body?” He speculates further that if anything is capable of healing the body, perhaps iboga could be a viable option.

It’s an excellent question, one I had never meditated on before. On the one hand, we don’t know what they put in vaccines, and of what we do know, any inquisitive person wonders why certain ingredients are included that don’t seem necessary for the vaccine to work. Some people believe that autism is connected to vaccines as many children born in the last 50 years are increasingly autistic. I think it’s difficult to blame autism on vaccines, considering we have exploded thousands of nuclear bombs since 1945, we breathe pollution, grow most our foods with pesticides, live more sedentary and unhealthy lives as our ancestors did. Therefore, any and all disorders are likely attributable to many things collectively taking its toll. Taking all that into consideration it’s difficult to explain the autism-vaccine connection or any ill effect that vaccines might have. Also, each person is genetically different, so some people, outliers, will experience ill or grave effects due to the vaccine, which is to be expected. At what point do we draw the line to say that a vaccine works or doesn’t work—90% efficacy, 70% efficacy? I don’t know. But if it works for the majority, we shouldn’t look at the individuals who got sick or died from the vaccine and say it didn’t work, because it did for most people.

On the other hand, as history has shown us, vaccines have worked well in the past. Advances in science and technology thankfully allow us to “cheat” death, as it were, because we now can take control of or steer the virus by preempting its effects with an injection of some of its genetic code, which in turn, gives us “genetic armor” against the virus if it should enter our bodies. Mark asked about iboga possibly reversing damage to the corona virus vaccine’s toxins. First, this is assuming there are toxins, and second, which toxins specifically? I don’t know the answer to either. Iboga does seem to reverse neurophysiological damage, particularly “resetting” opioid addicts’ neurons at the micro molar range, ridding addicts of their addictions. For this reason, iboga users speak of a “defrag” feeling, an analogy taken from computer de-fragmenting or “defragging.” Iboga taxes the liver because it breaks down ibogaine into its metabolite noribogaine, so please dear reader don’t do any liver flushing outs or detoxes prior to any iboga use as there could be health risks, apart from cutting down or cutting out meat, dairy, and processed foods, especially foods that interact with the cytochrome P450 2D6 enzyme. I doubt government officials would take away children from parents if parents don’t take the vaccine or disallow their children from getting it, but I can see governments making an argument for mandatory vaccination if you want to travel domestically or internationally. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I share Mark’s concerns about the corona virus vaccine in particular, but also on a broader scale, namely, biotech and other advanced technologies generally speaking. I’m by no means a Luddite, however, I think it was easier for our predecessors to understand technology, what it did, and how it did. Compared to the most advanced digital/computing-based technologies we have today, let us call older technologies analog, and let’s use the car as an example. In the 20th century, people could fix their own cars if they didn’t want to take it to a mechanic. We understood the thing we used; we could take it apart, fix the broken piece, put it all back together and continue using it. Same goes for a rifle: soldiers, for example, know every piece of their equipment because they clean that thing so often and it’s a relatively simple technology. However, our understanding of the things we use begin to drift away from us as they become too advanced. Who fixes their own car anymore since they are computers on wheels? In the near future, things like cars and even rifles will be so far beyond our understanding and thus we’ll rely on experts or robots to fix them for they probably will have built them.

The above examples illustrate what I think is happening regarding biotech companies and the technologies they produce. The average person like myself has no clue how these technologies are made, nor do humans even make them anymore; high-tech equipment is needed for that, and how do they work?! Even if companies did try to explain the ins and outs of the technology, very few people would understand the processes, and in my opinion, companies wouldn’t even do that since they want to protect their intellectual property. We are becoming ever more estranged from our technologies. With that said, do I really need to know exactly how a jet engine works, for example? All I really want is to go from point A to point B. When I fly in airplanes, I literally put my life in the hands of the engineers and maintenance personnel that are trained to spot inconsistencies, preempt possible breakdowns, etc. We all know flying in a commercial passenger jet is safer than driving a car. If it weren’t, no one would have confidence to fly. In this vein, I’m kind of forced to have trust and confidence in the experts that say this vaccine will save my life, and to be honest, I’m not willing to roll the dice on my life.

After seeing government officials and health experts publicly get the vaccine, I for one will get the vaccine. The good news is this: by the time my turn comes around, and no one has grown an extra limb or some other weird side effect, most of us will have had ample time to see what could happen. In the meantime, I mask up and stay away from social gatherings. There’s no other defense at the moment.

Back to Mark’s original question whether iboga can reverse potential damage, and let’s also include permanent changes to the body, caused by a vaccine. I doubt it. Once the vaccine is in the body, the virus’s anti-bodies are, to my understanding, permanently encoded in the body. It’s like getting the flu; once you’ve had it and become well again, the body can fight off the flu more effectively the next time within the same flu season in addition to subsequent winter seasons because it has genetic knowledge and understanding of the enemy virus and how to fight it. There are many health risks and many health benefits associated with iboga but erasing any trace of a vaccine is very hopeful to say the least. BUT you know what, who really knows? We’re only at the beginning of the so-called Psychedelic Renaissance and I’m confident researchers will make further discoveries as to what these substances are able to do to the body and mind. As to Mark’s and others’ concerns about the corona virus vaccine, I ask you this: if you or one of your family members died from corona virus, and you had a second chance to re-do your choices, would you then take the vaccine? Like I said above, I’m not willing to wager my life when we have a vaccine at the ready. It won’t be perfect, but hopefully you and I are part of that majority that it saves.



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